Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771) review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771) Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

This blender is somewhat expensive, but the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771) is a heavy-duty machine that will make smoothies, bread dough, baby food, and nut butter, to name just a few. It has sharp blades for chopping, it's easy to clean, and the parts are dishwasher-safe. It's a fast aid to meal prep for the busy cook.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System


-2 HP, 1500 W motor -72-oz. blender with Total Crushing Technology -8-cup food processor bowl -includes 2 Nutri Ninja cups (16 oz.) for Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction -1-cup bowl in bowl stainless steel chopping blade -blends and chops most foods in seconds -dimensions: 10.8x 19.6 x 15.5 - 16.2 lbs -ships only within the US -one-year warranty -recipe inspiration guide included


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771) features Total Crushing Technology for maximum power to pulverize ice and food - even the seeds of lemons, raspberries, and strawberries. It will quickly blend ingredients in smoothies, sauces, and dips. The Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction delivers tasty, nutritious beverages from whole fruits and vegetables. The dough blade lets you mix two pounds of dough in just 30 seconds. The 3-cup bowl nests in the larger bowl during use. It's designed for those times when you don't have enough food to use the big bowl, but you want to take advantage of the chopping blade. The individual cup blade will grind a cup of ice in 2-3 seconds. A tight seal prevents leaking. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a breeze to clean, because it breaks down completely, and the parts are dishwasher-safe. It's also easy to use, because the settings are clearly displayed on the base, and suction cups on the bottom keep the unit standing solidly on your counter.


It may be a little tricky at first to learn how to get the red light (signaling that the blender is properly in place and ready to go) to come on. If food is already in the blender, but the blade isn't secured correctly, you'll have to empty it and start over. This machine will blend practically anything; however, if you don't peel your fruits and vegetables, you will find small bits of tough peel in your smoothie. In addition, the blades have trouble with stringy fruits like mangos. When you make smoothies, the cups are difficult to remove, especially for someone with arthritis. If you receive a defective model, you may find that the customer service is less than ideal. You will be charged $19.95 for return shipping in order to get a replacement. If this machine is too intense for you, you may want to check out some of the more simple food processors such as the Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep 525-Watt Food Processor or the Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental 8-Cup Food Processor.


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System does what it's supposed to do. You can make a smoothie in 90 seconds. It's also great for baby food, almond butter, salsa, dough even ice cream! With durable plastic housing and razor-sharp blades, it's a real value for the price. Click Here to get the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771)

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