Purchasing the right food processor can be a huge sigh of relief and also a time saver when preparing a quick meal. Furthermore, food processors make cooking easy especially when preparing large meals for a lot of people. In the dynamic kitchen world where diverse types of meals are prepared, using sharp knives can longer be safer compared to the best food processors. These machines are not only safer but are also faster and very efficient when it comes to slicing, chopping, dicing, and mincing different types of foods. best food processor

Finding the best food processor is no easy task. However, through genuine customer reviews and ratings, one can determine some good brands that provide quality service. What better way to determine the best products than from the testimonies of the actual people who use them. Those who want to make quick meals may find processors extremely handy. There are many brands and models available in the market but which one to buy is always the difficult question.

Top 10 Food Processors

It's very hard to name the best food processor, but it's easy to narrow the list down to few that stand out from the rest. Surely different people want different things from their food processor but when you are looking to buy a good quality processor, you should consider the following:

1) Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBM Prep 9

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBM

This is the current top food processor in the market which consist of a wide chute, 2 cutting discs blades and an advantageous strong motor. Also included is a 9 cup capacity bowl which is very resilient and can be cleaned easily. The wide chute makes sure that there are no delays when fitting the food into the machines by cutting them into tiny pieces. Characterized with a modern scrubbed steel design, this food processor will shine in any kitchen. It has surpassed all the other food processors with its impeccable quality to cling the number one spot. Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBM Prep 9 features some handy extras, like a large feed tube and cord storage. This machine is quiet during use and easy to operate the control. Click Here to get the Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBM Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor2) Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep 7

Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep 7

Taking up the second spot is another Cuisinart product. The Cuisinart DLC-2077N is a top notch food processor with captivating features such as self adjusting speed function, 2 blades and discs, a 7 cup capacity bowl, an immensely strong 600-watt motor and many other great features found in every model of the Cuisinart brand. The reason behind the high ratings by customers is its efficiency, amazing functionality and additional features such as the wide feed descent in which large sized vegetables can fit in well not to forget that scouring is made easier. The controls are very simple to use. Sturdiness and malleability are the signature starting with the 7-cup polycarbonate Lexan work bowl that is fundamentally toughened. In addition, this machine is made of important dishwasher-safe parts include stainless-steel dough. This is Cuisinart food processor is affordable, has a quiet motor, is easy to maintain and is from a trusted brand name. Click Here to get the Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep 7 7-Cup Food Processor3) Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef

Breville is known universally for their modern and technically innovative appliances and more. The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef comes with a host of equipment which includes two bowls, a 16 cup large bowl and a 2.5 cup mini, cord storage, a digital timer, 5 discs and 3 different blades to tailor its cutting results. Along with an extra-large feed chute there is a solid metal base and built in safety features comfortably making it one of the highly rated and reviewed. It is one of the more lavish food processing units on our list with the inclusion of a collection of blades. The Sous Chef is also a walk in the park to use and has a feeding tube large enough to hold a tomato. Customers prefer it because it is excellent at chopping onions, grinding cheese, slicing pepperoni and kneading dough. With extras such as 16 cup bowls, cleaning brush and spoons you can't help but fall for this amazing equipment that will work to bring complete perfectness. Click Here to get the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor4) Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro

Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro

This is another widely held Cuisinart machine that was aimed to be multi- functional and help save time. Designed with a 7 cup bowl, mixing blade, a spatula and a blade for dough, many owners find the Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro to be very easy and efficient to use as well easy to clean with its dishwasher safe parts. It is kind of delicate to assemble the blades and lock the lid but once the appliance is set up, it'll chop, mince, slice and grind with the finest of them. You will notice that it is very good at mincing parsley and grinding Parmesan cheese. It contains a shredding disc, a slicing disc and controlling is even greater because of the pulse on and off function that makes it quiet simple to boot. Click Here to get the Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor5) KitchenAid KFP0933QG 9 Cup Food Processor

KitchenAid KFP0933QG

This Kitchen Aid food processor includes a 12 cup capacity bowl, 2 slicing discs, 4-mm shredding disc and a 4 cup mini bowl to accommodate different sized ingredients. You can choose among the blades if you want to slice, chop or even shred. With a powerful 700W motor and simple features, the KitchenAid KFP0933QG 9 Cup Food Processor is comfortable to control from the very beginning. All parts, blades and bowls included, are dishwasher safe. The motor of this processor is dominant and can grind up food to desirable amounts of paste without any stress. Nothing like most blenders and juicers alike, this food processor is soundless when it works and does not result in excessive spilling. Click Here ot get the KitchenAid KFP0933QG 9 Cup Food Processor6) Cuisinart DFP-14BCN

Cuisinart DFP-14BCN

This appliance functions well for those who work in hotels or prepare a lot of meals. It includes a whopping 14 cup capacity bowl. In addition, it features a 720W motor that is capable of handling a lot of food processing. The bowl is also made of Lexan, which is practically everlasting. Parts are also dishwasher safe. The Cuisinart DFP-14BCN also includes 2 stainless steel cutting discs which are very perfect and also considering the mixing tasks there are 2 blades making the whole package awesome not forgetting the efficient slicing ability. Click Here to get the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food Processor7) Hamilton Beach 70740

Hamilton Beach 70740

Taking the number seven spot is the Hamilton Beach 70740. It has dual speed control as well as an 8'cup. This food processor is considered by its many users to be swift and resourceful. The dishwasher safe part also makes it easy to clean. This particular model has acquired itself a pretty remarkable reviews, especially considering that it is more reasonably priced. It's outstanding features include ease of use, a chopping blade, super-fast processing, very easy to clean, stainless steel disc and the dishwasher is safe, appropriately stores the blades inside the work bowl, lightweight with the 450W motor and inexpensive. The Hamilton food processor is one appliance that will deliver best results for all your food processing needs. Click Here to get the Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor8) Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep Processor

Hamilton Beach 70670

This unit has a bigger dimension (10 cups), 2 discs and a more powerful motor (525W) than the 70740 from Hamilton Beach. Another amazing Hamilton product in our top ten list, the 70670 Chef Prep Processor model is quite capable of slicing, chopping because of the well positioned chopping blade and mixing as well as handy enough to make nut butters. It has a large feed chute and two speeds plus a pulse button. There is a laidback clean up since all parts are dishwasher fast and safe. Click Here to get the Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep 525-Watt Food Processor9) Braun K650 Multiquick

Braun K650 Multiquick

The Braum K650 Multiquick is an older model food processor that can still perform at its best. It comes with numerous accessories that can hold a numerous different food preparation tasks. It includes a 600W motor and bowls that seal close-fitting to prevent leaks and unintended spills. It has a 9 cup capacity and comes with additions that enable it to chop, slice, shred, grate, knead dough, and whip cream and more. Parts are dishwasher safe and the unit is easy to clean. It still gets tremendously high ratings from owners for its adaptability and performance. Click Here to get the Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor10) Black & Decker FP1600B

Black & Decker FP1600B

For those customers that want something economical but also something that delivers good results, the Black & Decker FP1600B food processor is the ultimate choice. It contains an 8 cup capacity bowl, and a 450W motor for chopping, grating and slicing and its simple to use and easy to clean. The 8-cup-capacity houses a large amount of fruits and veg etable at the same time therefore providing better operational coziness since it is also easy to clean. Apart from being equipped with a stainless-steel, chopping blade and an modifiable slicing disc, this food processor chops the vegetables flawlessly. Click Here to get the Black & Decker FP1600B 8-Cup Food ProcessorFood Processor Reviews

Food processors are a mandatory kitchen appliance for any serious cooks or professional chefs. They are multi-function appliance that can enhance your kitchen experience. Whether you want to knead bread dough or don't want to shed tear when chopping onions, one of the named food processors will definitely do the job. These superior best selling food processors are available in a host of colors and sizes. So, don't be left out, grab yours today and make your cooking easy.